Samstag, 6. April 2013

TS 3 Installation (English)

In my first post is about the TeamSpeak 3 Server installation.
You will need a root-server or v-server.

Getting started with Putty

  1. Log in with Putty on your root-server or v-server
  2. Create a user with "adduser voiceserver"
  3. Change in the user with "su voiceserver"
  4. Changes in the home directory of the user "cd /home voiceserver/"
  5. Download the Image TeamSpeak down "wget"(Check for the TeamSpeak website on the link is still valid "
  6. Unpacking the Teamspeak Image 'tar xvf teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64- "
  7. Rename the extracted folder to "mv-teamspeak3 server_linux-amd64 teamspeak3"
  8. Switch to the folder: "cd teamspeak3"
  9. Starting for the first time your TeamSpeak 3 Server "./"

Important Note: Use the specified command to your TeamSpeak server to start with only the first time and to maintain the important data, the token and the server admin account. In the console you see then your access to your server.

Server end: ctrl + c

The data is then the token and the server admin account.
It looks something like this:

Now we start the server for permanent operation.

Server startup:
# ./ Start

Stop server:
# ./ Stop

Server Restart:
# ./ Restart

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